Subject Tutoring

Tutoring support for middle school, high school, and college students


i2i has tutors available for any subject

Tutoring support for middle school, high school, and college students

Academic success isn’t easy, and sometimes you just need a helping hand to help master a challenging subject. No matter what subject you’re struggling to master, i2i has a teacher who can help.


No videos, no self-guided practice questions - i2i provides you with a live, experienced tutor who communicates with you and guides you one-on-one through every session



i2i guarantees that you will reach your score goal, and we’ll keep working with you until you do. The i2i tutoring package gives you all the sessions necessary to achieve the score you need. 



You get real-time feedback and personalized advice on the practice you complete. No generic suggestions or test tricks.



Our remote tutors are available on a much more flexible schedule than center-based staff, so we can work with you virtually around the clock to find meeting times that are compatible with your schedule.



 All you need is an internet connection and a compatible device, and our tutors can connect with you anywhere, any time that’s convenient for your hectic schedule.



i2i  guides you to improve through test prep and subject tutoring services. We'll help you reach your score and grade goals in less time than competing services



“One phone call with i2i made me feel more confident about taking the test than all of my time with my previous tutors.”

- Anne Z., 2016 National Merit Scholar

“The flexibility of the program worked with my
complicated sports schedule and the one on one individualized classes helped me increase my scores by over 200 points."

- Will G.

"Without the help of i2i Director Mr. Ionescu, I would have never been able to attend a school like Yale. He helped me drastically improve my SAT score.”

- Kurt R

“With my busy sports schedule I was able to develop my own custom schedule. Just doing one session a week increased my score over 200 points”

- Jordan R

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Tailored Solutions

With more than a decade working one-on-one with individual as well as groups of students, i2i Education recognizes that every student is different, necessitating unique strategies. 

We tailor our strategies to maximize each student's strengths and give them the tools to overcome their challenges.

Through our encounters with thousands of students and seeing first-hand how students make mistakes, we have developed unique ways to help students improve quickly.



Interaction and communication are the keys to understanding why students make mistakes and to helping them fix those mistakes.


We don't believe in gimmicks or "tricks" to the test.


We do believe in quality practice and informed strategy.